Touch Visual Identity

The Brief

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Touch, an exclusive London made apparal brand initiative of renowned Regal Calibre UK Group started its operations in mid 2015 with only a verbal identity nor the visual identity. We; Mebox came into play to polish and to bring it onto the international apparel calibre with a unique hand designed visual identity.

Mebox - Portfolio Image

From selecting the contemporary corporate color palatte, matching a unique yet geomatric typographic style, hand drawn logo, to the complete visual brand identity system has been conceptualized and designed – working head to head with its owners over a weeks time with number of experiements and improvements.dantium.

Mebox - Portfolio Image

The brand, which now cateres to United Kingdom’s upper markets is made versatile and elegant with the newly born brand visualization showing its core values of Prestigue, Innovation and Clarity in Business.

The company initiated its production line in a state of the art manufacturing facility in Sri Lanka – and launched its first flagship store in the UK – now is experiencing a growth phase.