SriLankaGateĀ® Initiate

The Brief

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SriLankaGate, a unique type travel and tourism company owned by OMBC Holdings Ltd trusted us in creating a comprehensive brand identity both verbal and visual. We came up with a complete package which included Visual & Verbal Brand Identity and also their Tour Booking Website which we designed and coded carefully maintaining the highest standards to be open to international markets. The company operates in Sri Lanka with lot of attraction and comments on its brand presence - and achieving at a good level with reached milestones within a couple of months of it's inception.

Mebox - Portfolio Image

Mebox - Portfolio Image

The website is fully dynamic with tons of features on it that includes live cost calculations, discounts, and customized tour rates calculations and online booking availability.

Mebox - Portfolio Image Mebox - Portfolio Image

The SriLankaGate project was a success and we believe we did what is best for the brand.