Ideas into Careers

The Brief

We call it the '10 seconds challenge' - because we've been given a tiny airtime of 10 seconds in a prime television channel to completely break the user interaction with the on going Cricket World Cup Finals in the year 2015 (Sri Lanka is a Cricketing Nation, Btw) and to inject the fact our client Auston brings to lives 'ideas into careers'. We made a series three of very out of the box television commercials each featuring a real student from the University itself saying that they stand out from the rest - because of their difference in seeing the world.

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( Television Commercial – ‘We see things differently’ )

Since we were in a very tight schedule both in time and budget – we made made it very simple yet highly effective by using the people talking ‘upside down’; which really broke the attention of the viewers and – we could bring the message simply even during this difficult 10 seconds in which people were staring at TVs to see the Cricket World Cup Finals. And we addressed the 10 seconds challenge well !

( Television Commercial – ‘We like the impossible’ )

( Television Commercial – ‘We see the world differently’ )